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Please consider: if you want to use my work for commercial purposes, it's not a collab but a commission. For commissions contact me the same way.


Due to being very busy at the moment, I can't offer shootings in the next time. If you're still interested in working with me, feel free to drop me a message and I'll list you for projects in the future.

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Hysteria Machine
Designer, London

IVY Design
Designer, Muniche

Fraise Au Loup
Designer, Paris

Designer, Germany

Patine Noir
Designer, Germany

The Dark Pleasure Design
Designer, Germany

Pioro Blue
Designer, Netherlands

Lory Sun Artistry
Designer, USA

Ausgefuchst ART
Designer, Germany


by Free Spirit
and Fraise au Loup

"To support children orphaned by AIDS in Africa

‘Just ALLURE’ is a project created by the designer Fraise au Loup with the collective of Free Spirit. Those artists, headquartered in Paris, combine their talents in order to give life to this project. We make a fashion show every year in order to raise money for a foundation in charge of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa."

Fallen Angels
by Free Spirit 


Il s’agit d’une immersion dans les abimes de notre être.
Une mise à nu.
Une exploration de notre âme de femme dans toute notre complexité.
Nous vous emmenons au milieu de nos peurs, nos désirs, notre colère,
notre pureté, notre innocence, notre hystérie,
notre solitude, nos rêves et notre chute.
On dit de nous que nous sommes des anges déchus…
Car nous oscillons entre le chaud et le froid.
Le calme et la nervosité.
La force et la fragilité.
L’innocence et la culpabilité.
Le vice et la vertu.
Ni Anges, ni démons, nous sommes les Fallen Angels…"