I'm currently not open for new commissions. If you're interested in commission a portrait in long term, feel free to contact me. I will respond as soon as possible and let you know the next time period I'm available.


I take commissions and create unique portrait artworks for commercial and personal use. Therefore I create stylings and moods fitting your vision. The price contains one exclusive photo with individual makeup, styling and mood, executed with high detailed proffessional retouching. Only studio works / no outdoor.

To fit your needs best, let me know your vision. You can refere to my portfolio works or/and orientate yourself with my checklist below.


  • colour palatte
  • mood of emotions
  • specific styling¬† / accessory
    check my Inventory for available headpieces
    (setting up the archive in progress)

This checklist is no 'must' but a 'may'. Feel free to briefe me your own vision or let me work out a concept for you.

Using my portfolio work

I offer some of my portfolio works to be used for commercial purposes. You can choose between the non exclusive and the exclusive right to use a specific piece of art. I don't give away photos for free.

If you're interested in using my work, contact me for further information.